The String Quartet Project (2018)

Vl, Vl, Vla, Vc (11’)

Movement I - The Slow Unfolding of the Self

Movement II - Foreign Gravity

Premiered by Flinders Quartet, June 22, Docklands, Melbourne.

Descent - part one (2017)

For chamber ensemble (6'). Soprano, alto flute, harp, celesta, piano, violin, viola and cello.

The Great Unrest (2017)

For chamber orchestra (12'). Premiered 26/4/17 at Sydney Conservatorium by Ensemble Nouveau.

Mount Analogue (2017)

For chamber orchestra (9'30). Premiered 20/02/17 by the Australian Youth Orchestra at Elder Hall, Adelaide, S.A.

The Weathermaker (2016)

For flute, tenor saxophone, trumpet, violin, electric bass (5'). Premiered on 19/8/16 by the music box project at Backstage, Sydney.

All Things Must Fall Into Ruin (2016)

Electroacoustic (audio-visual) installation in 5.1 surround. Exhibited 16/7/16 at Blue House, Sydney. View score.

Initiations (2015)

A four movement work for nylon-string bass guitar and viola (18'). Maya Felixbrodt - viola. Joseph Franklin - bass